About Us

Lyndhurst Movers Inc is a local moving company that has been operating in Lyndhurst, New Jersey for more than 112 years. In that time, it has been passed down through three generations of women.

Company History

In 1903, the fledgling year of the company, Josephine Masten ran the business as an equal to her husband. This was a situation unheard-of at the time. Through their strong partnership, a thriving business was born.
Josephine's daughter-in-law, Millie Masten, took over the company as an 18-year-old newlywed when her husband was called to duty for the Second World War. She ran the successful business for another 60 years, and strongly believed that "the secret to our company's longevity is exceptional customer service."
When Millie retired, she passed leadership to her daughter, PJ Masten, who is running the business today. PJ believes, like her mother and her grandmother before her, that outstanding customer service is what has allowed Lyndhurst Movers Inc to stand out against the competition for all these years. You can read more about the rich history of Lyndhurst Movers Inc in the Star Ledger article, "A Family Business Keeps on Truckin' —A Saga That Moves You." (12/18/2003)

Comprehensive Approach

Pioneers in the industry, Lyndhurst Movers Inc understands that relocating can be an emotionally taxing experience. To help customers stay focused and on track with their move, we have developed a comprehensive and compassionate approach to organizing the entire process. We want to know every detail of your move and listen with an experienced ear. The result of this is a smooth transition into your new residence or place of business.

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