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Advantages of Hiring Flat Rate Movers

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What is a Flat Rate Moving Company?

A flat rate moving company is a packers movers company that offer its clients an all inclusive one-rate move that is guaranteed. Also referred as flat rate movers, the concept was first introduced in 1999 and it is very popular in USA. An all inclusive, guaranteed, one-price move makes way for a hassle free relocation anywhere.

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The flat rate movers decide upon the costs of moving and packing before the starting up with the project. The entire cost right from packing the stuff, loading, unloading, moving and unpacking are all calculated before the moving assignment and a flat rate is charged.

Advantages of Using Flat Rate Movers

  • The concept of flat rate moving company started so as to reduce or eliminate questionable pricing practices of the movers & packers and to develop a trust among customers. The moving company will ask for the details like where you want to move, what you want to move and provide you with a fixed cost rate for the proposed move. The final cost is known before hand.
  • There are no hassles of added charges, hidden charges. There are no additional costs, or hidden costs involved and you know exactly the amount that has to be paid for the moving services provided by the company.
  • Though the rate might be slightly more than a moving company that charge as per distance or hour, yet the entire moving experience is a very hassle free and can be considered more economical in terms of value for money.
  • A moving company that takes payment on hourly basis has certain drawbacks like every time is counted for payment. This might also include the worker's lunch breaks or smoke breaks, their laid back attitude, breakdown of the moving truck etc. But in case of a flat rate mover, it helps the people to transfer their stuffs easily.
  • They provide an absolute package of all moving and packing services and too at an unchanging rate. They won't ask for an additional cost afterward on in totaling to what they have charged before.

Hire Flat Rate Movers NJ

Lyndhurst Movers is one of the few moving companies in New Jersey that offers flat rate pricing. Most moving companies will estimate the cost of your move using an hourly rate, a volume rate, or they will guess the weight of the items you are moving. These types of estimates more often than not, result in much larger actual costs.

It is our promise to you that our quoted flat rate price is the actual price of the move. We guarantee that you will not be hit with any surprises at the tail end of an already stressful situation.

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