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Interviewing a Mover

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The challenge, if you so choose to accept it, is finding the right company to trust with moving your valuables. This list of questions was created in hopes of helping you find a reputable van line. But if you'd rather let someone else do this job, email us at

Questions for a Moving Company:

How long has the company been in business?

How long has the salesperson or estimator you’re speaking with been in the industry?

Is your agent certified? Do they have insurance? Do they have a license to operate?

Have any complaints been filed against the company? If so, what were they and what measures have they taken to rectify the situation?

Check with the Better Business Bureau. Does their van line have a formal quality ratings program? If so, what are these scores and can you see them?

Is there a third party service provider that will be involved in moving specialty items like a pool table, piano or grandfather clock? If so, who are they?

First impressions really do count. Judge your estimator on their professionalism, attention to detail and responsiveness to your inquiries. Also make sure they give a thorough explanation of their pricing and process. For example, if the estimate is binding or non-binding. These things can be very telling of the company philosophy and how comfortable you'll be in working with them.

Additional tips: If the company is local, drive by their establishment to see in what kind of condition the building and trucks are kept.

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