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How to Compare Moving Companies

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Moving Companies

There are a lot of moving companies out there, and it can be really tough to figure out which one is best for each particular move. There’s no “Consumer Reports” for moving companies, so each person who moves needs to consult a few different sources to figure out the best moving company for them. Here are some of the criteria Oz would recommend using to compare moving companies.

Moving Companies


There are plenty of sites that people use to review moving companies, which can give you a good idea if the public is generally satisfied with the services they get. Yelp and Google are two great sites to check on a mover. Ratings and reviews are not the end all be all, but these sites are very useful when it comes to evaluating moving companies. Past the metascore of all the ratings combined, the way each company responds to their most dissatisfied customers gives a glimpse into how dealing with a complaint or problem may go.

  • Tip: Use a skeptical eye on moving review sites.There are many attempting to pay for positive feedback or paying to keep away disgruntled moving customers. A company with a perfect rating may be inorganically inflating their score.


A mover may have a good reputation, but that doesn’t mean they are, well, operating legally. Also, they may have a good reputation because they haven’t been around too long (or, they used to operate under another name and recently established a new corporation). Make sure to check that a mover has the proper licenses and insurance needed to complete the job in a legal manner.

  • Tip: Many buildings require movers who work inside have “Certificates of Insurance”; make sure that the company can provide one or that one isn’t necessary.


Each move requires its own unique set of tasks. Having a moving company who can provide them all helps take a bit of the stress out of the moving process. Additional services to moving like packing, staging, furniture repair, antique restoration, storage, and more could be available depending on the company.

  • Tip: Keep in mind that a moving company offering an additional service doesn’t mean it is the best option for each person, especially if they are not flexible on price or are looking for very high quality.


At the end of the day, money talks and the rest walks. Most people already take this as a top priority, but it makes sense to compare prices of the different moving companies in consideration before making a decision on which moving company to use. Gathering quotes from the top movers can be as simple as copy/pasting a list of inventory items and emailing it to salespeople at all the considered moving companies.

  • Tip: Not all quotes encompass all the costs associated with the move. Ask your moving company if their quote includes fees such as shuttle service, travel time, toll costs, fuel costs, packing, assembly, etc.

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