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Tips to Make Your Moving Easier - Lyndhurst Movers Inc

12 tips to Make Your Moving Easier...

Make Your Moving Easier

Moving is one of the most stressful times, especially if you are making a move across the country or after a life-changing event. At Lyndhurst Movers Inc, We understand how stressful the moving process is and want to help in whatever way possible. Below are some tips to Make Your Moving Easier!

Tips to Make Moving Easier - Lyndhurst Movers Inc

Plan your move far in advance.

We recommend this moving timeline and checklist from which outlines the moving process and includes a timeline with detailed instructions with planning beginning 2 months in advance. The checklist includes several items many people overlook until it becomes an issue including changing your address. Check it out! 

Protect files and photos. 

As items can get damaged or lost in the move, it's important to be sure you have safeguarded your important items such as family memories, important documents, and more. 

Photograph your cords. 

Have you ever spent 30 minutes trying to hook electronics up? Take a photo of the connections on your computers, TV's, and more so it's easier to assemble when you are unpacking.

Make plans for pets. 

Your pets may need to be kept in a separate area or room while you are packing or moving. Not all hotels are pet-friendly. Make sure to consider your pets in your plans. 

Get a Movers Guide. 

You can complete the change of address form online here. USPS also includes resources for your move! 

Mark your boxes. 

Create a system to make unpacking easier. You can use color-coded boxes or labels!

Mark essential items. 

Find a way to dictate which boxes are most important, fragile, or will be needed first. Label these and set them aside.

Create a box of essential items. 

Use suitcases to carry items that you will need the first night so you are not having to unpack in order to find your essentials. Don't forget essentials like toilet paper that may be easy to overlook when you are packing. 

Separate expensive & most important items separate. 

If you are utilizing a moving company or help with your move, it may be best to pack the most expensive or important items in your personal vehicle. 

Pack cleaning items separate. 

Often you may want or need to clean up prior to unpacking items. Keep some Lysol wipes or other cleaning items handy! 

Make a layout map for your furniture. 

It's much easier to move and unpack if you know where you want furniture and larger items to go!  Spend some time planning where you want your larger items to go. You can hand sketch a map or utilize a tool like HomeDiary, a free visualization tool, to lay out your furniture before the big day. 

Save receipts & records. 

Make sure you save and submit receipts for reimbursement if they are covered! If you don't get any reimbursement, don't worry, most do not. 

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