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Why You Should not Always Hire the Cheapest Movers

Whether you are moving across the country or just a few miles, relocation can become a very costly venture. You may have just put a down payment on a new home and you're now left with limited finances. You will be tempted to cut expenses wherever you can, but there are a few things to consider when being frugal about hiring professional movers. While you will certainly want to hire a company that gives you a great price, hiring movers that quote you with a drastically low amount can be a huge mistake. The following guide explains why hiring the cheapest moving company to handle your move is not always the best idea.

The bait and switch estimate

If a mover quotes you a price that is too good to be true, it probably is. Many unreliable moving companies will give the customer a very low verbal estimate, then hike up the price exorbitantly when the move is complete. These movers rarely supply the customer with a written estimate, so you will have no evidence to fight back. Although not all written estimates are binding contracts, even non-binding estimates cannot be raised more than ten percent. If you receive a quote from a moving company that is much lower than quotes you received from other companies, it is likely you are being scammed.

Unregistered movers

The FMCSA, or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, requires all long distance moving companies to register for a US Department of Transportation number. This allows the government to identify and monitor a carrier, enforce safety regulations, and subject the company to inspections and audits. Hiring a very low-priced moving company may mean they are not registered, because licensing comes at a cost. While any carrier operating interstate moves is required to have a licensed DOT number, the requirements for intrastate vary--but most states do require a moving company to have an in-state moving license. Do your research on the licensing regulations for moving companies in your state and verify that the company you hire is qualified before enlisting their services.

Goods for ransom

A common scam pulled by rogue movers is using the bait and switch estimate tactic, then holding your goods for ransom when you refuse to pay. Hiring an unregistered or unlicensed mover will make you vulnerable to trickery or illegal operations because the movers' conduct cannot be monitored by the government. Before you hire an extremely cheap moving company, do thorough research on their licensing and read reviews on the Better Business Bureau website to ensure that they are not rogue movers.

Stolen goods

Failing to hire a reputable moving company could also result in stolen goods. The unusually low price offered for their services could be a way to ensure their hire--then they steal your most prized possessions. This may be even more likely to occur if your belongings are being put into storage first-- because you won't be unpacking right away, the movers may assume you won't notice anything missing until it's too late. Though there is no way to know for sure if movers will steal your belongings, researching the company, asking for references, and checking for complaints on the Better Business Bureau website can help to put your mind at ease.

Broken or damaged goods

If a company is extraordinarily cheap, it may be because they have hired inexperienced laborers that have not been properly trained. You want to be sure your movers are professional, qualified, and more than capable of using the proper procedures to pack and transport your possessions. You are entrusting the movers with your whole life--you want to know that they will conduct your move with the utmost care, caution, and skill. Ask your movers about their procedures and the steps they take to protect your home and your goods. You should also ask for references and read customer reviews.

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